Automated garage doors have a remote controller that works by radio frequencies, and this makes them vulnerable to hacking.

There has always been a misconception about who a hacker is and what hacking is all about. Hollywood has made hackers to either be a dysfunctional teenager with parental issues or a cool guy out to save the world. This assertion is wrong on so many levels. Hacking simply means changing the use of something from its built or designed purpose. This could be as simple as a father using a vacuum cleaner to get that perfect hair style for his daughter to creating a program that can break through a bank’s security.

A Brief History of the Garage Door Technology

The first automated garage door was created in 1921 by Mr. C.G. Johnson. The early versions operated by push button design, where someone had to push a button to have the garage door open physically. This method did not prove to be very secure and radio frequency remote came into the scene. To make the garage doors secure, a dipswitch method was invented to program the remote. This method used a set of 12 switches that went either up or down. The dipswitch was able to create a variable of up to 4,000 possible combinations, making it difficult to be hacked.

Hacking by brute force.

The processing power of the computer has made the dipswitch security method easy to crack. This is because computers can now run up to over 4,000 code combinations in less than a minute.

Rolling Codes Security Method

Seeing that the dipswitch had its disadvantage, the rolling code method was invented. The remote changes its code after every use hence the term rolling. This method makes the brute force hack highly unlikely to succeed.

There are claims of this security measure being prone to hacking by a combination of a brute force attack and jamming the radio signals and manufacturers are creating codes that expire quicker and roll faster.

What Can You Do to Prevent Garage Door Hacks?

A very simple way to ensure that your garage door is safe from all forms of hacking is to lock it physically. This limits access to your home through the garage door.

If you feel the need to have control of your garage door remotely, then make sure that you have the latest technology that can guarantee the best security. This means making sure that your remote control is secured with a rolling code system and not a fixed code system. To know what technology your remote is using, gently open the remote. If the remote has a set of dipswitch, then it needs to be upgraded.

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