Complete Garage Door Kyle Texas Repair Services

We’re the top company in Kyle Texas providing a local, high quality door services. 

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With our licensed bonded and insured service department in your corner, a brand new opener costing just a few hundred dollars can be expected to raise and lower your garage door about 51,000 times.

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Complete Garage Door Kyle Tx Services

If you take care of your garage door, it will serve you well for decades.
But if you neglect it, you’d better have an advanced degree in Murphy’s Law, because a poorly-maintained garage door in Kyle Tx will ALWAYS break down at the worst possible time.

Garage Door Kyle has been installing and repairing garage doors for as long as anyone can remember, and our fast and friendly technicians will make quick work of your broken springs, jammed door or cranky opener in record time. For reliable garage door service in Kyle Texas and surrounding areas, look no further than our dedicated staff.

You’ve probably seen our fully-stocked trucks sitting in your neighbors’ driveways, because we’ve worked on almost every garage door in Kyle Tx. Here’s why most homeowners turn to Kyle Texas Garage Door for routine maintenance and emergency repairs:

Our Fast and Professional Services include:

  • Installation and repair of garage door openers and motors
  • Maintenance and repair of garage door openers and motors
  • Fix dysfunctional sensors
  • Fix blown garage door motor
  • Fix broken garage door opener remote
  • Residential and commercial services

Our expert repairmen are garage door specialists, and each technician has 5+ years experience working exclusively on residential or commercial garage doors and gates. They actually enjoy getting your garage door back on track and running like new. Our knowledgeable repairmen arrive quickly, fix what they can and replace what they can’t.

Best of all, we train our employees to adhere strictly to our upfront pricing policy – no padding of the bill, no upselling of the services, and no surprises at the end of the day.

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The Latest Garage Doors and Openers

We offer a complete garage door service for both residential and commercial customers, ranging from remote control programming and broken spring replacement to new garage door installation.

We were the first garage door company in Central Texas to offer photoelectric safety sensors, years before the government made them mandatory. Today, Texas Garage Door Kyle is one of the few repair companies to use up front pricing, a consumer-friendly approach that means you’ll never have any hidden fees or “mystery” charges on your final bill.

With upfront pricing, you pay exactly what you were quoted, nothing more.
As well, our reliable garage door service includes installation, programming, and repair of the latest in garage door technology, the smart opener, that lets you monitor and control your garage door from any smartphone anywhere in the world. It’s the future of home security where all your codes are safely stored in the cloud, but please don’t ask us to explain that part of it. It’s magic, plain and simple.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Garage Door Concerns

Call us first to save time because our seasoned technicians can handle any type of routine or emergency situation, including rolling service doors, fire doors, traffic doors, and both insulated sectional doors and uninsulated sectionals.

When your garage door needs hard-to-find parts or specialty springs, we’re here for you. If we can’t find the garage door part you need, no one can! A modern garage door is one of the last great bargains of home ownership.

Call Kyle Texas Garage Door for a free quote today.

Need More Information?

Get in touch with us anytime, day or night and let us know how we can help you.  

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