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Just think about what all your garage doors do. In addition to keeping the rain out and keeping your vehicles dry, these also serve as a barrier to intruders. Furthermore, they also add to the outlook of your house. We at Texas Garage Door Repair and Installation understand everything about garage doors. When it comes to garage doors, we can help! For any problem with your garage door in Socorro area of Texas, we can be of complete assistance. We deal in both residential and commercial garage door installations and repairs of all types of doors. We work with all types of doors including steel, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, glass, roll-up, folding, sliding, and shed-style, etc. In addition to this, we also deal in maintenance and emergency garage door services.

Garage doors are something you’d never want any problem with. A problematic and faulty garage door can render your home and vehicles (and other belongings) vulnerable to threats.

We do not compromise in quality. We use only branded spares and components to make sure your garage door is installed (or repaired) to perfection. Some of the garage door brands we use are:

  • Sears
  • Holmes
  • Dynaco
  • Masonite International
  • Martin

All in all, here are some of the prime garage door services we offer in Socorro, Texas:

Garage Door Installation – A garage door must serve its purpose of security and convenience; that’s the reason we make sure it is perfect, sturdy, and works the way it should. We deal in installation of all types of garage doors for residential and commercial settings – folding, roll-up, sliding, shed-style, or any there type, we can get it done immaculately. Not to mention that we use only branded components in our installations – right from doors, panels, springs, sprockets, cables to everything else!

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Garage Door Repair Services – With time and usage, garage doors are bound to have some problems. Various parts work in tandem to make the whole system function properly. As with every kind of mechanism, garage doors also work perfectly when all components work right. A single problematic part can cause whole mechanism to become faulty. Don’t worry! We can assist. We also deal in garage door repair services in Socorro, Texas. Feel free to call us for:

Faulty garage door opener engines

Defective garage door panels

Broken cables and springs

Off-track garage doors

Worn weather seals

Not only the aforementioned, but we can fix any and every other problem you may be having with your garage door.

Garage Door Maintenance Services – Everything needs maintenance and so is the case with garage doors. Regular maintenance of your garage door not only gives it a longer life and problem-free functionality, but also saves you expense repairs down the line. Our maintenance services find and fix the problem areas in your garage door, while thoroughly checking all the springs, sprockets, panels, cables, springs, etc. Moving parts are lubricated and needful is done with the parts that need replacement.

Next time you need any assistance with your garage door in Socorro, Texas, you know whom to call!

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Get in touch with us anytime, day or night and let us know how we can help you.  

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