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We are the pioneers in garage door services in Mesquite, NM area. When it comes to garage door installations, repair, and maintenance of garage doors, we are the ones that handle it to perfection. Our team of experts is both experienced and equipped to handle any and every kind of garage door installation and repair. In addition to installations and repairs, we also provide maintenance of garage doors so that it works smoothly and remains problem-free all the year round.

Here are some of the garage door safety tips we would like you to keep in mind.

  • Keep kids away from garage door remote and don’t let them play with it.
  • Get your garage door checked up regularly (at least once a month) for safety features.
  • Do not try to repair springs, cables, rollers or any other part of garage door on your own. It can prove to be dangerous. Let the professionals handle it.
  • Make sure to keep the pets and kids away while closing the garage door.

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Garage Door – More Than Just a Panel Covering the Opening

Yes, you read it right. Your garage door is far more than just a panel that covers an opening. It is a complex system of openers, springs, panels, and remote that collaborates to form a security system and a passage to your home. Yes, it is to be understood that your garage door is one of the entries inside your home and any compromise with its safety can make the home vulnerable to different threats.

In order for the garage door to work perfectly, all its parts must work in tandem and in perfection. Fault in any of the parts can make the entire system break down. When it comes to garage door repairs, here are some of the problems we cater to:

  • Repair and replacement of garage door opener engines
  • Repair and replacement of broken cables
  • Repair and replacement of broken springs
  • Repair and replacement of garage door panels
  • Fixing off-track garage doors
  • Fixing of door weather seal


Emergency Garage Door Services

We are also known for our emergency garage door services in Mesquite, NM. We understand that problems won’t notify you before coming, and this can be the case with your garage door too! We are available 24×7 with our fully-equipped mobile facility to cater to your emergency garage door problems at any time during the day or night. Some of the most common garage door problems we fix are:

  • Door partially/completely out of alignment
  • Damage by car crash or any other reason (tree falling, etc.)
  • Opener giving way
  • Door not closing


Pricing for Garage Door Repair in Mesquite, NM

We do not like to give our customers nasty surprises. With our upfront pricing policy, we let our customers know beforehand of the price that they’ll need to pay. Not to mention that we are one of the most affordable garage door repair services in Mesquite, NM and do not believe in ripping off our clients. Our charges are reasonable and services perfect.

All in all, we are a full-service garage door company in Mesquite, NM that offers all-inclusive services to ensure your garage door works immaculately, every single time!

Need More Information?

Get in touch with us anytime, day or night and let us know how we can help you.  

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